2016 Image Trends

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2016 Image Trends

In 2015 images on websites really came into their own being bigger and bolder and in pride of place on home page banners. 2016 won’t see their power diminish but there are a few very interesting trends in store.


Images that create a real impact will be those that break with tradition and capture the audience’s taste for the more daring. The more daring the better but still appropriate to your brand and your audience; you don’t want to scare them away.



Image in 2016 will see a move to more meaningful consumption. Audiences will demand that brands focus more on revelation, reflection and values rather than just the products and services they provide. Aim to rise above the norm with your imagery.



There will be a move away from the clinical, the sterile, the structured and the very clean. Brands should work towards harnessing the power of the sweaty, the messy, the ugly and the visceral aesthetic; think rebellion of the order of everyday life.



Use your imagery to break through all the noise and clutter or everyday life and particularly the internet. Engage your target audience’s emotions and provide space and quiet to breathe and reconnect.



2016 images will focus on surreal graphic imagery and will play with the ideas of infinity, duality and multiplicity; visual representations of your target audience’s multifaceted life.



Seek out imagery that blurs the parameters of man and machine and take advantage of the popularity and uptake of technology and the vital role it is now playing in your target audience’s life.

Don’t forget that these 2016 image trends are not just for home page banners but your entire digital offering; other pages on your website, email direct marketing campaigns, social media advertising campaigns, social media posts and marketing material. But a word of warning – only follow these trends if they match your branding, your business and your values and always employ a consistent approach. Talk to the team at Liquid for some professional advice.


For more information of the use of imagery in your digital offering contact the brand agency Liquid Creativity team, your local branding specialist.


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