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BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 15.07.2014

A Digital Strategy to Merge Two Worlds

Kate Spade Saturday recently partnered up with eBay in a digital strategy to transform retail, mixing online shopping and traditional retail. 4 different pop up stores around New York City offered 30 items from the new Kate Spade Saturday collection. With 6 x 2.7m screens and 24 hour access, shoppers were able to use the touch screen to browse the products and order the ones they liked. After making their picks, they would receive a text message on their phones and reply with when and where they wanted their pieces delivered, in an hour or within a week. These pop up window shops made the most of minimal retail space and engaged the shoppers in a different way.

In Japan, Kate Spade also introduced a new retail concept to encourage people out of their homes and into the shops. Tokyo’s store released new items from their collection every Saturday to guarantee their shoppers a reason to visit regularly. To emphasise this point, promotional materials were needed each week. Kate Spade quickly realised that constantly updating signage and packaging would be expensive and not sustainable.

The solution was to bring in iPads to replace traditional signage. This way promotions were easily displayed and changed, providing an extra layer of interaction between consumer and product. The iPads not only display prices and colours, but also videos, customisation options and how to wear the products.






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