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BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 08.11.2010

A French Cafe Creates a Brand that Makes You Feel at Home

This french cafe located in the old wash houses in Strasbourg, France, is named ‘La Corde à Linge’ (meaning the clothesline). And the name sets the theme for the concept and strategy behind the interior design and graphic design of the menus and marketing collateral. The concept for the company is based on haberdashery, laundry and a clothes workshop with the use of related props to enhance the theme, such as spindles of cotton, clothing patterns, pegs and hangers.

The interior has been designed with an industrial feel, emulating a garment factory. There are also Art Deco influences in the design of the interior along with the branding, through the use of typefaces and graphic design elements from the 30’s on the menu, website and signage. We can certainly imagine this brand design strategy working very well here in Melbourne. The combination of industrial, cool theme and art deco are all design concepts people seem to love, especially in the city areas.


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