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CREATIVITY   |   POSTED ON 13.08.2014

A Happy Meal with Smartphone Interactivity

McDonald’s Singapore used Near Field Communication technology to turn their restaurant tables into a playground. Children just needed to download the McParty App and hold their NFC enabled smartphone over the table to see it’s surface transform into an interactive game, where they were able to build burgers, harvest apple pies and fight bad guys.

The NFC tags were placed under the table and acted as sections of slot car race tracks. When they hover their smart phones over the tables, the phone becomes a go-kart. This pilot version was developed for one restaurant but it was such a success that more games were created and the company plans to roll it out to other restaurants in the region.

While this is innovative and provides a better alternative to infectious cesspool playgrounds, they also promote two very bad habits: fast food and smart phones out during meals.

Dating back to 2010, McDonald’s have been the leading fast food chain to use smartphone interactivity to enhance their guests experiences. Starting in Japan, they have NFC supported mobile coupons that send promotional programs, on a weekly basis, to nearly 18 million registered customers. Recipients are then able to open their coupons on their phone’s browser and present the code at the cashier. Recently in France nearly 70 restaurants began to implement “GoMcDo”, a mobile service that enables customers to order and pay via their mobile prior arriving at the restaurant. Patrons simply needed to enter the restaurant, tap and collect.


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