Asda milkshake brand illustration


Adding Personality to a Brand Story Through Illustration

Illustration is a great way to help tell a story around a brand. At a glance, the illustration creates a sense of personality and character. It is a very effective way of communicating especially for packaging design where shelf appeal and a point of difference is essential.

Firstly a brand developer will determine the concept behind the product. What is the core message they want to convey. Illustration helps bring this message to life, develop the story and create emotive visuals that can engage in a way that is sometimes more effective than words or photography.

An illustrator can add a touch of quirkiness, cuteness or create a looseness or unstructured feel around a brand. A sense of fun has been captured on the packaging for Asda’s milkshakes with illustrations in the shape of a strawberry and chocolate but with the personality of a cow.

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