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MARKETING   |   POSTED ON 05.08.2014

Increasing Sales with an Innovative App

With a mission to increase their morning breakfast sales, the South Korean branch of Dunkin’ Donuts released an innovative app to solve their sales depression. It seems that not many of their targeted consumers, aged 20s-30s, dine out for breakfast.

1 in 3 skip breakfast because they are either too busy or lazy. To motivate them to have a “fun and delicious morning” Dunkin’ Donuts utilised the ultrasound tagging technology to create a game.

Dunkin’ Donuts created an alarm app, “Morning Star-Up”, allowing consumers to set their alarm and choose their breakfast as soon as they wake up in the morning. They have 3 hours to get to a store, tag themselves in and receive a discount coupon that they can use straight away for their breakfast item. The game like app also allows consumers to share to Facebook, “rank points” against friends and keep track of their eating and sleeping habits.

The results were positive. Starting with only 5 stores in Seoul, within 2 weeks breakfast menus soared 200%. Being so successful, it rolled out to 750 stores across South Korea, increasing the number of visitors by 112% and the revenue of the breakfast menu by 115%.


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