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ADVERTISING   |   POSTED ON 28.11.2012

How We are Now Appealing to Savvier Audiences

If you want your product to stand out from competitors then you need to create a different message. For instance, for many years toothpaste commercials have used simple messages about eliminating bad breath and achieving sparkling teeth.

Now brands highlight other benefits of their product such as maintaining healthy teeth. For instance, they use messages to highlight the product ingredients and how they help strengthen teeth, reduce sensitivity and even take care of gums. These benefits help audiences connect to a brand and feel good about the health benefits for themselves and their family. As parents become more and more discerning about the products they purchase and are offered a wide choice, brands need to answer the specific needs of their audience and create real benefits. Audiences are much savvier these days and will research products thoroughly to find something that meets their needs.


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