Brand Storytelling; the critical content for brands

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Brand Storytelling: Critical Content for Brands

Did you know that each and every day around 2.5 billion pieces of content are shared? That’s a lot of competition so, how can you ensure that your content is read, connected with and even anticipated? Brand storytelling – and it’s not as difficult as it first appears; it just takes a different approach to content writing.

While brand storytelling is definitely not new, the meteorite rise of social media and content marketing has led to huge opportunities to tell stories as part of direct and indirect brand marketing initiatives. Brand storytelling has become a strategic priority.

Brand storytelling is the ability to create an ongoing conversation about your product, service and/or business. It’s based around shifting the focus from the product to the brand through telling of the story. This approach is to offer subtle and creative content so that your readers don’t feel pressured or pushed into buying.

Your content stands a much better chance of being read if it’s compelling. The most effective brand storytelling is that which compels people to act and ideally, to buy.

Consider Nike! Their content focuses on people and athletes rather than the product; it’s not about the shoes, it’s about aspiration, inspiration and the story. Often the product is not even seen, there’s no need – they are telling the story of their brand and their tribe.

But brand storytelling content must be a two-way conversation. One way content won’t work. If your content doesn’t provoke or encourage a response or a comment then it’s just not brand storytelling. Overall your brand storytelling must be engaging, relevant and relatable.

Start telling them the story of your brand and how you will be able to make their life better and ask them to contribute to become a part of the story and the ensuing conversations. Stop telling your customers how great your product is.

Secrets to great brand storytelling

Mixing branding fundamentals with fiction writing basics:

Tell the truth in all you write

While you are telling stories they must be honest, transparent and based in the reality of your brand, products and industry.

Infuse personality into your content

Entwining your personality will help readers to connect and understand.

Create inspiring characters

Whether it be from an employee’s point a view, a third person or a customer, creating characters that people will cheer for will help your brand story connect.

Stick with the formula

All good storytelling has a beginning, middle and an end so follow this formula in your own brand storytelling.

Don’t tell it all

Leaving your readers wanting more in order to have them return time and time again to engage with the next installment. Use hooks (for example, watch this space) at the close of the content or on social media as well as teasers to keep people interested.

Learn more about how your business can leverage the power of brand storytelling by contacting your local branding specialist Liquid Creativity.


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