branding tips

Is my brand okay?

Some businesses find branding intimidating, we take a look at a recent case study and guide you through how to determine if your brand needs help.

Your business needs a brand visual language

Businesses can no longer rely on a simple style guide to maximise their brand's power, a brand visual language ensures all you are sending the right messages across all your visuals.
good design branding is good business

Why good design is crucial for your business bottom line

Staying ahead of competitors, disrupted industries and a crowded marketplace has made good design crucial to adding value and improving your business.
Mac Smartphone Interactivity

Happy meals, happy tables... happy parents?

Dating back to 2010, McDonald's have been the leading fast food chain to use smartphone interactivity to enhance their guests experiences.
Coke Marketing Strategies

Happiness can double when you share

This is a clever initiative that goes to show how very efficient marketing strategies and amazing advertising concepts always come from simple ideas.

Eyescream made from creative solutions

Barcelona's Eyescream and friends came up with some creative solutions to simplify the traditional Taiwanese ice cream and improve the consumer experience.
Milka product

Spreading the word based on product creativity

To communicate the brand message "Dare to be tender", Milka changed the entire manufacturing process, in a brilliant...
IBM Smarter Cities

We all want to live on IBM Smarter Cities

IBM's "People for Smarter Cities" project uses a different approach to the standard big signs and billboard advertisements.
Glasgowpress Promotional design technique

Promotional piece using old school design techniques

This promotional piece is an educational tool on letterpress printing but also raises the profile of the Glasgow Press...
Seattle creative city

Seattle Named The Most Creative City Of 2009

Seattle is an attractive city for creative individuals and companies that want to be around like minded people and leave traditional values behind.