branding tips

Is my brand okay?

Some businesses find branding intimidating, we take a look at a recent case study and guide you through how to determine if your brand needs help.

Your business needs a brand visual language

Businesses can no longer rely on a simple style guide to maximise their brand's power, a brand visual language ensures all you are sending the right messages across all your visuals.
rebrand crumpler branding

A look at Crumpler’s rebrand

From friendly, colourful bike messenger bags to cutting edge fashionable accessories, we take a look at Crumpler's recent rebrand and examine how a brand evolves for the contemporary market.
brand identity

How to build a brand: a business owner’s guide

In today’s world of global brands battling it out with an ever-increasing number of start-ups, a beautifully built brand is a necessity. Here's our starter guide to building a brand out of your business.
pulse brand identiy mmg branding blog

Pulse: Creating a brand for a new digital platform

When MMG approached us about creating a brand for their new communications platform, we wanted to make sure that the brand endures. This is the story of how Liquid created the Pulse brand.

Branding and design trends to keep an eye on in 2020

Branding continues to be an exciting and creative industry as we go through the most interesting trends that the industry is watching as we head into a new year.
Apple logo

The birth of the iconic Apple logo

Why has the logo been so successful and still stands the test of time? Well it all comes down to the fact that it ticks off all the basics of logo design.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s New Logo

Gone are the days of politicians campaigning solely on credentials and policies. Now it’s just as much about the politician as a brand.
Logo Design

The basics of Logo Design to begin your branding journey

While just one aspect of your brand, your logo is often the first impression potential clients have of your business...
Brand Readability

Mobile responsiveness - fitting a round peg in the square hole

If you are at the beginning of establishing your brand or are ready for a rebrand then mobile responsiveness is...
Firefox Logo

A simplified logo to make the fox look hot on mobile

Mozilla revealed a simplified logo for Firefox, its first since 2009. And they clearly stated that the simplified logo was 'created...
Starbucks logo

Starbucks new logo smells like success in the morning

Last year, Starbucks - the worlds largest coffee chain revealed an updated logo, removing it's 'Starbucks Coffee' wordmark.