How to build a great brand that’s aligned with your business 

A well-built and managed brand is a significant asset for any business. Here are a few easy ways to measure how aligned your brand is to you.
Improve your brand consistency

What is Brand Consistency & Why Every Business Should Care – Liquid Creativity

Every business big or small could benefit from a consistent brand. Make sure to follow our tips to keep your brand aligned with who you are.

Taking the hint: When you should rebrand

When it comes to branding, change can be a difficult thing to master. How do you know when to rebrand? Here are just some of the indicators when a rebranding strategy may be precisely what your business needs.
Brand personality

Brand Profiling: Building a Consistent Brand With a Compelling Personality

Profiling is an essential aspect of building a brand with an appealing personality. So how can you build a brand profile that customers will love?

Brand Management: Process and Responsibilities

Your branding should be one of the strengths of your business, however it needs to actively managed to be effective. Here's our guide to successful brand management.
positioning strategy

The 2020 guide to successful brand positioning in your market

As we begin a new year, learn about the strategies that will best position your brand to attract the right customers you want and grow your business.

Brand Audit: Does Your Business Need a Brand Refresh?

If you're finding that your business has become tired or is not performing in the way you want, consider doing a brand audit to check the state of your branding.
branding important marketing

Why Branding is Important in Marketing

From a marketing perspective, it's vital for your business to develop strong branding for every touchpoint because everything you do impacts your customer’s perception of your brand.
Uses of Color in Branding

Colour Psychology: Outstanding Uses of Colour in Branding

It’s crucial to get the colour of your branding right, there are so many aspects to consider that can go a long way in helping or hindering your brand's potential.
brand definition

What is the definition of branding?

Branding, being ‘on-brand’ and brand strategy are common terms used in business today. But how do you define it and how can it be applied to your business?

Branding in the Age of Social Media

Branding online requires a good strategy to get the best return on investment. So, what can you do to get the best from your brand on social media?
brand conversion marketing

Ask Questions to Increase your Conversion Rate

If you’re looking for people to part with their time or money, you need to give a compelling reason. Is your campaign getting the right conversion rate?