Increase Conversion Rates

Learn about optimal conversion rates

Whether you provide a product or a service, the internet has become an efficient and effective way of offering and accessing information from anywhere and at any time.
Online Reviews

Online reviews are a powerful tool for brands

Customers don’t just accept the first review they read but rather, they triangulate feedback to determine the real story behind your business.
Digital Trends

The digital trends to watch in 2016

Despite the advances in technology and more particularly, in digital devices, consumerism is and always will be about people and their basic wants and needs.
Responsive Web Design

The new Google update and your website

In the last few years mobile responsiveness has been considered a bit of a luxury – as of last month, it is a necessity.
new media

Using new media to target customers on the Planet

Lonely Planet have really made use of new media to grow their brand and stay connected with their customers.