Mova Ice cream

A clean packaging design to conquer US market

English ice cream brand Mova received a refreshing identity and a clean packaging design, as it was about to be introduced to...

New Evian bottle design is sleek and clean

Attempting to create new connections with their US consumers within premium water, the new 500ml Evian bottle design is sleeker and cleaner.
Blue Goose

Blue Goose new packaging is naturally good

One great aspect of the new identity and packaging design is of course Ben Kwok's beautiful highly detailed and rendered animal illustrations.

These boots are made for walking (on water)

This packaging design creates an illusion of boots immersed in water, a clever way of showing that your feet will be protected from water and other dangers.

A brand strategy to Keep growing

KeepCup brand strategy is building a story about sustainability by showing its customers that preserving 50,000 trees is "a lovely thought”.

The real man's chips

McCoy's, a UK brand of crinkle cut chips, unveiled an impressive new packaging concept: opening up sideways extends the opening by 5cm.

Svedka, cheers to their new design!

Svedka's design uses minimalist aesthetics - echoing Swedish design values, while also appearing more modern and sophisticated.

Kelloggs packaging goes retro on a special edition

To celebrate Froot Loops 50th anniversary, Target (North America) is releasing, for the first time ever, retro-theme...
Weis Barpacks

New packaging design increases sales for Weis

The packaging design had to be strong and focused on 'real fruit and real ingredients' to stand out amongst the cluttered market and promotional activity of other brands.
Carmans branding

A friendly look was the new key ingredient for Carman’s

They under went a redesign keeping elements of the initial packaging, such as the bold black colour backgrounds...
Tesco's new packaging

Tesco’s cream looks yummy on this new packaging

The brief to redesign Tesco's range of fresh cream, covering over a massive 30 lines, created an impressive design challenge.
brand difference

A brand 'Pot of' difference on and off the shelf

The bold, highly graphic, brand identity based on symbology, pattern and colour associated with each recipe’s origin creates a real visual point of difference.