brand change in business

Creating a case for changing your brand

Many businesses find difficulty in implementing changes to their branding. Here's why you shouldn't wait until you lose your market share.
branding tips

Is my brand okay?

Some businesses find branding intimidating, we take a look at a recent case study and guide you through how to determine if your brand needs help.
liquid branding agency market positioning

Marketing: A guide to successful positioning

Marketing positioning helps your business identify a part of the market and be the most attractive brand for your target audience.
branding evolution lynx liquid creativity agency

A look at how Lynx's brand positioning strategy evolved

Lynx as a brand has had a dramatic change of their brand positioning in the last decade, we examine the evolution of the Lynx brand and how they've found the right positioning strategy that hits the right notes.
branding design for business

Branding: Why is good branding great for your business?

Is your brand communicating your business effectively to the right audience? Understand why it's crucial to get your branding right it today's market.
Smart Pricing

Price means nothing to today’s customers

The concept that customers buy based on price is a myth and it must be taken seriously by marketers and brands in order to survive and prosper.
Be Authentic

How your business can be authentic

When businesses are authentic they will inspire and prosper. Authenticity is the new black and unlike other trends, it's here to stay.
Branding - Global Trends

5 International Brand Trends you can take Local

Staying on top of the latest trends is vital to your business survival. But it’s not about being first, it’s about being the best.

Robinvale Estate: Olive oil with a fresh taste and look

High quality extra virgin olive oil is a very competitive market but Robinvale Estate positioned themselves differently with...