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BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 13.11.2009

Celebrities and Homeware Brands Go Hand in Hand

Celebrities are establishing their own brands, especially in the homewares market. They initially have the recognition through what they do but then they develop their personal brand around who they are and what they represent. They become a powerful brand marketing tool endorsing all sorts of products. Customers trust a high profile person when it comes to buying homewares, especially if the brand is already linked to their profession.

It’s very easy for someone like Jamie Durie, who we have grown to trust as a television host and producer of his landscaping shows, to create his own successful line of merchandised product called Patio. He’s got our backyard covered not only through landscaping and design but now also with a new outdoor lifestyle range.

Alex Perry, has made his first step into a design medium beyond clothing. He’s just unveiled a rug collection which is a perfect match in his branding evolution as he represents style and design.

Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and a swag of other celebrity chefs have branded cookware. This has been driven by the massive popularity of the cooking shows on TV, like MasterChef.

These new celebrity brands that are entering the homewares market are just a natural extension of what they already do.


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