Tesco's new packaging

PACKAGING   |   POSTED ON 07.07.2012

Tesco’s Cream Looks Yummy on this New Packaging

The brief to redesign Tesco’s range of fresh cream, covering over a massive 30 lines, created an impressive design challenge. The idea behind the new packaging design was to create a quality seal that takes visual cues from old fashioned dairy cream pots. Bold typography is used to highlight the cream type, this is supported by strong colour coding of the seal that follows sector language. This strong simple idea was able to adapt across the various pot sizes and lids. The product information which previously included recipe ideas and other less relevant information, was stripped back to its product essence within the redesign process.

The design also worked well when applied across range extensions such as Soured Cream and Crème Fraiche. The new brand design achieves a consistent look across the range, a strong shelf presence and succeeds in making the range much easier to shop.


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