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The digital trends to watch in 2016

Despite the advances in technology and more particularly, in digital devices, consumerism is and always will be about people and their basic wants and needs. Harnessing the best ways to service these fundamental wants and needs will be the way to help your business succeed in the digital sphere.



All on messaging

Messaging platforms will become a way to make daily life easier. Moving beyond the channels of shopping and content, all on messaging will offer more – lifestyle solutions, provide financial services, solving social issues, and make life better for both the individual and the community.



Discovery directory

New directories and platforms will help consumers to navigate the market. From online local tradespeople, social media sellers and more, discovery directories will allow for better decisions with minimum effort.



Bottom of the pyramid (BOP)

Consumers at the bottom of the pyramid should not be underestimated; while they may not have as much access through digital devices, they make up for that in time – they statistically spend more time on the internet than other groups. And their expectations around technology are rapidly changing – they want to solve shared problems, make people safer and improve their quality of life.



Digital discipline

Telling people to just log off in order to gain a better online/offline balance just isn’t going to work. Switching off completely, even for a few days, is not really an option today so by offering an alternative, a digital discipline, then you will fulfil a need. Digital discipline offerings help consumers build healthier relationships.

Aiming to implement all of these 2016 digital trends is not ideal; you need to determine the trend and strategy that will connect best with your target audience and your brand, product or service. To create your digital strategy for 2016, contact your local branding specialist Liquid Creativity.

*We are Social – January 2015


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