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CREATIVITY   |   POSTED ON 04.08.2014

Happiness can double when you share

In the past years we have all been exposed to Coca-Cola’s “Share Happiness” message. Well, they just pushed it a step further by giving their customers the opportunity to share the best iconic marketing asset of the brand: the Coca-Cola can.

This is a nice and clever initiative that goes to show how very efficient marketing strategies and amazing advertising concepts always come from simple ideas. Yes, it probably was complicated for the design and production change, but in the end the result paid off.

Share Happiness

The main message of the “Share Happiness” campaign has always been for people to drink together, give away things to other people, spend time together and perhaps share other things… but never their bottle of Coke. It’s extremely ironic. The solution finally popped up – a can that splits in two so you can share the other half instead of giving a can away. The idea is so surprising that it compels you to look for someone to give it to even if you hadn’t planned it.

This is one campaign that proves just how critical the original idea is. There was no new technology or use of a ground breaking system. They didn’t need to stage a perfectly designed event. All they needed was understand exactly what their original concept has always been.


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