Anna Korshun


Footwear with Great Design and Marketing Concept

Dutch designer Anna Korshun has created a product with a unique concept and point of difference. A product that streamlines and quickens the manufacturing process along with being eco friendly.

Her innovative footwear design simply slots together. Korshun footwear uses a “click technique” that eliminates the need for stitching and use of toxic glue, making them more eco-friendly. The shoe comes out of the production line as a 2D net and workers are required to laser cut the patterns out of the mould and craft them. The shoes are separated into two main parts, the upper leather and the insole, and while the upper is slotted into perforations on the insole, the parts are fasten together by liquid rubber that is poured into a mould.

The only down side is that it’s not “very easy to make a completely closed shoe”, so Korshun is now working hard to solve that problem.

Korshun’s success and recognition is a result of her approach for clever brand design, efficient processes and innovative products. Many business owners try to create a point of difference around a common product but these shoes will sell based on their brand development story of uniqueness, manufacturing process and their great sense of clean, simple design, an innate skill the Dutch designers seem to have.





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