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CREATIVITY   |   POSTED ON 24.07.2014

Milka’s Sweetest Product Creativity – Spreading the Word Based on Product Creativity

Chocolate brand Milka wanted to communicate the brand message “Dare to be tender” to the French people. To be precise, they actually wanted the brand message to be experienced rather than just simply communicated.

To do so, the company changed the entire manufacturing process in order to use the product as the medium, in a brilliant example of product creativity. Over 10 million 100g chocolate bars were made with the last square missing, based on the belief that the last piece of chocolate is the best.

Consumers had the choice of claiming the square for themselves or send it to a loved one, along with a heartwarming message. The campaign received a lot of media attention due to the message it was promoting and this simple product change created a truly engaging experience for the consumers.

This advertising campaign also says a lot about the brand ambition, to alter its product with all the cost and production implications, for the purpose of a communication campaign creating an experience.

As a result of this campaign, after the first 10,000 compliments were sent, Milka thought it was time to return the favour. How? Giving parking inspectors some tenderness…


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