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POSITIONING   |   POSTED ON 22.11.2010

Robinvale Estate: Olive Oil with a Fresh Taste and Look

High quality extra virgin olive oil is a very competitive market but Robinvale Estate positioned themselves differently with their product range. This family operated business found that the demand for quality oil lessened over the years and they needed to add value to their product range in some way.

The marketing manager decided on a fresh approach – create a variety of flavoured olive oils using herbs and fresh fruit. Their production went from just olives into other varieties of fruit and vegetables. They also branched out into flavoured salad dressings with combinations like lemon and verjuice or balsamic and oregano.

Their sales are now stronger, after targeting and appealing to the domestic market. The graphic design on the label also has a very fresh appeal and captures the lightness of the oil and the lemon and garlic flavouring. Sometimes strategic thinking allows you to step away from your competitors and be recognised for something unique.

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