Rebranding and relaunching an established digital systems and information company with a new name, website and marketing strategy.


Logicly, formerly Strategic Data designs and builds digital solutions for complex data and technology problems for large organisations such as government agencies, research institutions and non-profits.

They wanted to relaunch their brand and grow their market in attracting more corporate clients as well as create a new website that can communicate and explain their unique services in an approachable way.


We facilitated multiple sessions of our brand workshop to fully understand the intricacies of their services and who their management team think they are and what they stand for. We also interviewed their staff and clients to get a full picture of who they are as a company from all perspectives.

All of the information we gathered from all stakeholders were then collated and the brand blueprint was produced which the clients can use as a tool for future marketing and which we use as a resource to inform all our brand designs, communications and strategies.

Out of this research we found the right name, that was unique, memorable and distilled their values and aspirations as a company. We then created a warm and dynamic brand identity, website and marketing strategy that communicates the services  they provide in a way that was easy to understand without diluting the complex and important work they do. In this way, Logicly can reach a wider market and grow their business.


Sue has done an excellent job of understanding our business and how we want to present ourselves to our market, and has designed a new brand that captures that perfectly. Her insights and advice have also helped shape our broader marketing strategy.

Sue’s come to feel like one of the team – she’s guided us through the experience expertly but with a genuine personal touch. Thank you Sue, it has been an absolute delight to work with you!

Michelle Nicholson

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