Prince Charles Homewares

BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 19.11.2009

Prince Charles is In the Business of Homewares

Prince Charles has used his royal position to his advantage and established his own homewares brand. Of course, in line with his status, the brand represents luxury and sits along other high profile companies such as Tiffanys, Wedgwoods and Waterfords. The delicate collection of china, crystal and silver, called Traditional Arts, has been designed by graduates and young designers.

The brand’s point of difference is in the decorative design style of the products which is inspired by old manuscripts, motifs and myths. The brand is committed to restoring the tradition of arts and crafts. Also unlike other brands in their market, they take custom orders.

Prince Charles is among a whole line of celebrities who are starting their own brands in the homewares market.


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