Glasgowpress Promotional design technique

CREATIVITY   |   POSTED ON 10.11.2010

Promotional Piece Using Old School Design Techniques

In the very competitive printing industry, finding a point of difference to promote a company it’s sometimes a challenge. This letterpress printer in the UK wanted to showcase their specialty method of printing, consisting of inking raised type pressed into soft paper using vintage equipment. This was the common form of printing back in the mid 15th – 19th century.

Glasglow Press wanted to demonstrate to customers the potential of letterpress printing and its tactile qualities. Their brand strategy was to commission a graphic designer to develop a creative piece, highlighting different techniques. The result is a beautiful pack of music-themed cards, using different types of paper and printing techniques such as die-cutting and metallic foil. The cards are then packed in concertina folded translucent paper, creating a piece that the customer would keep and show others.

This promotional piece is an educational tool on letterpress printing but also raises the profile of the Glasgow Press brand – it showcases their creativity, skills and attention to detail.

Promotional piece showcasing design techniques


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