Tesco's new packaging

Tesco’s cream looks yummy on this new packaging

The brief to redesign Tesco's range of fresh cream, covering over a massive 30 lines, created an impressive design challenge.
simplicity design

Simplicity in design: doesn’t have to be complicated

The pursuit of this authenticity and simplicity are at the essence of any good designers goal.
Cinderella rebrand

A Cinderella rebrand that fits perfectly on the customer

At Liquid we love a good Cinderella branding story. It's hard to believe a serious company like the Biotech Institute would...
Logo in full color

Telstra’s rebrand shows it’s full colour spectrum

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this year, like most Australians, you will have noticed the colourful 6 palette...
Starbucks logo

Starbucks new logo smells like success in the morning

Last year, Starbucks - the worlds largest coffee chain revealed an updated logo, removing it's 'Starbucks Coffee' wordmark.
Color can influence purchasing decision

How colour can influence our purchasing decisions

There are many reasons why people purchase certain brands, but the visual appearance plays a very important role in...
Designer barcode for brand

Designer barcodes - an extension of your brand

How clever is Design Barcode, creating a niche in the design market. Best of all, they have created through the use of...
Perfume bottle design

Minimal is the essence of this perfume bottle design

The brand is all about clean, simple lines and quite minimalistic often with a dual function. In this case the packaging acts...
Office space

Keeping your office space within the brand

Branding for a business is not just about the visual identity of their collateral it is also about the initial impressions when you enter their space.
Interactive posters

Interactive posters that you look, listen and want to keep

Posters are normally one dimentional but this poster series takes graphic design to another level.
Olive Oil

Robinvale Estate: Olive oil with a fresh taste and look

High quality extra virgin olive oil is a very competitive market but Robinvale Estate positioned themselves differently with...
Take away packaging

Take away packaging brings a concept to the table

The packaging for this take away prepared dishes was designed for the Spanish market in Barcelona, with a creative concept...