French cafe

A french cafe creates a brand that makes you feel at home

This french cafe located in the old wash houses in Strasbourg, France, is named ‘La Corde à Linge’ (meaning the clothes line).
Gucci luxury brand

Newly rich in strong demand for luxury brands

Luxury brands had record sales in 2007, but the prediction for 2011 is for sales to outperform this record.
Cafe brand to feature in design books

A memorable cafe brand to feature in design books

With new cafes always opening up, how does one cafe stand out from another? How can you make it memorable?
Packaging Good Design

Packaging: Good Design Meets Multi Function

Not only the design of this watch looks pretty cool, it also comes with a packaging designed to impress and be functional.
Apple product

Apple’s Brand Power: You’ll Love It Before You Know It

The release of a new Apple product always creates high expectations and shows the power of the brand.
Olympic logo

Olympic logo failure: who invited Bart and Lisa?

London's 2012 Olympic logo was specifically designed to appeal to a young, hip audience but research shows that London...
Fashion brand

It’s game set match for fashion brand sales

During the Australian Open, tennis fashion brand Lacoste, who sponsors Roddick, notices a huge increase in their product sales every time he plays a match.
Alessi design

Alessi: Domestic products are worthy of good design

Alessi is a great example of how a company has built their business around the importance of design.
Asda milkshake brand illustration

Adding personality to a brand story through illustration

Illustration is a great way to help tell a story around a brand. At a glance, the illustration creates a sense of personality and...
Prince Charles Homewares

Prince Charles is in the business of homewares

Prince Charles has used his royal position to his advantage and established his own homewares brand.