SEO tips to have a better brand liquid brand agency melbourne

SEO: What is it and why is it crucial to your brand success?

SEO is essential for your business to succeed in today's digital environment. Here is Liquid's guide to better Search Engine Optimisation for your brand.
email marketing strategy for business

Email marketing: how it can drive business

Email marketing is an effective tool in helping your business engage with audiences. Here is our guide to email marketing best practices.
how to choose business name

How to choose a business name

The name of your business has a tremendous impact on how customers and investors view you, and in today’s small world – it’s a global decision.

Marketing to the Millennials

Marketing to the Millennials is changing the landscape forever – this generation is tech savvy and the most socially, racially and ethnically diverse ever.

Top tips for keeping your brand relevant

Competition is ever-changing, as is technology and the way audiences connect. In order to keep your brand relevant...

Top 4 Branding Trends for 2015

With the close of 2014 fast approaching, it’s a great time to sit down and determine your branding and digital marketing strategy for the new year.

Why you must have a current, flexible Marketing Plan / Strategy

While today’s marketplace dictates the need for specific, different marketing plans, one that outlines an overall...

Nivea shines with solar energy advertising

Nivea put out a solar energy advertising campaign in a Brazilian magazine and decked it out with solar panels and a USB charging port so that consumers could plug their phone into.

Happy meals, happy tables... happy parents?

Dating back to 2010, McDonald's have been the leading fast food chain to use smartphone interactivity to enhance their guests experiences.

An innovative app to increase sales

With a mission to increase their morning breakfast sales, the South Korean branch of Dunkin' Donuts released an innovative app to solve their sales depression.

Happiness can double when you share

This is a clever initiative that goes to show how very efficient marketing strategies and amazing advertising concepts always come from simple ideas.

Spreading the word based on product creativity

To communicate the brand message "Dare to be tender", Milka changed the entire manufacturing process, in a brilliant...