rebrand crumpler branding

A look at Crumpler’s rebrand

From friendly, colourful bike messenger bags to cutting edge fashionable accessories, we take a look at Crumpler's recent rebrand and examine how a brand evolves for the contemporary market.
SAS rebranding analysis liquid creativity brand agency melbourne

A look at the Scandinavian Airlines rebrand

What does it take to rebrand an airline? We look at the successful rebranding of Scandinavian Airlines and the lessons businesses can learn from it.
rebuilding your brand through rebranding

5 Tips for businesses considering a rebrand

A successful business rebrand is much more than a slick logo or website. Here are some tips to consider when rebranding.
how to choose business name

How to choose a business name

The name of your business has a tremendous impact on how customers and investors view you, and in today’s small world – it’s a global decision.

The table is just the start for this rebrand

After 17 years in business and 10 years with the same branding, Open Table was in drastic need of a rebrand – while their offering had stayed current and

Top tips for keeping your brand relevant

Competition is ever-changing, as is technology and the way audiences connect. In order to keep your brand relevant...

Deciding to rebrand or not – is it beyond your control?

Often the decision to rebrand is not something a company chooses, but a matter of circumstances beyond their control.

Top 4 Branding Trends for 2015

With the close of 2014 fast approaching, it’s a great time to sit down and determine your branding and digital marketing strategy for the new year.

A rebranding process to move beyond the send

YouSendIt is a cloud storage service established back in 2004 with 43 million registered users. After being renamed...

NSW transport is now a unified brand

Sydney’s public transport – trains, buses, ferries and light rails – have come together under one unified brand.

Cornetto rebrand to target a younger audience

Cornetto ice cream has recently rebranded to appeal to a more youthful audience aged 14-25.

Idlewild's new brand concept is a time travel

Beck approached the owner of Idlewild Books, David Del Vecchio, who immediately fell in love with the new brand concept and design and decided to adopt it.