PACKAGING   |   POSTED ON 07.07.2014

These Boots Are Made For Walking (On Water)

Rubber boots are usually not something you buy for how they look, but for what they’re for – protection from water. This clever “Fisherman” packaging has great shelf appeal and highlights other advantages for this utilitarian footwear, such as protection from environmental debris (glass, wire, etc.), biological threats (dangerous and predatory creatures), natural hazards (sharp rocks, driftwood), chemical hazards (oil, gasoline, acids) and electrical hazards.

Because the packaging design is like a mini-stand, which creates an illusion of boots immersed in water, it shows that often you cannot see what is really happening underwater. The sea creatures represent the different dangers that you can face – for example, an electric eel symbolizes biological and electrical hazards.

With this solution they were able to visually show the consumers that with ”Fisherman” rubber boots they’ll be safe from the underwater hazards.





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