The 4 steps to a successful social media strategy

The main benefit of businesses and brands using social media is to establish and reinforce a sense of trust and credibility with your target audience, your tribe. When they find your product or service useful, when they trust you then they will buy from you.

Using these four simple steps you too can create and implement a social media strategy that will achieve real results for your business, regardless of your size, location, structure and offering.

1. Attract your tribe

Firstly you need to find your target audience and this can be achieved in many organic and paid ways:

  • Ensure you have website widgets that lead directly to your social media pages
  • Launch a paid advertising campaign on the best platforms that appeal to your tribe
  • Statistically, the more people, businesses and brands you follow, the more will follow you
  • Always use high-traffic hashtags but ensure they are relevant too

2. Engage with your tribe

The more interaction and engagement you have with your target audience the stronger your connection to them will be. Be relevant and post content that appeals to them specifically whether it be informative, inspiring and/or entertaining. Learn to speak their language.

3. Promote to your tribe

Once you have attracted the right people and built a connection with them then you can begin to promote (sell) to them. You can do this by now using your social media platforms to highlight your product or services’ usefulness. Think reviews, case studies, benefits, testimonials. Advertise your content, offer special deals. You can use direct response adverts, special offers or even promotional blogs.

Note: if your business involves a long sales cycle consider implementing additional marketing to stay front of mind during the process, such as email and content marketing.

4. Increasing your tribe’s conversions

Even when you have a loyal following there can still be a final hurdle to overcome – turning followers into conversions. Only 5% of website visitors will convert on their first visit to your website. Consider implementing some retargeting campaigns at this point – Google Display, Custom Audiences on Facebook and Retargeting Tags on Twitter are a few worth checking out to close that sale.

To learn more about creating and implementing a social media strategy that will help you to attract, engage, promote and increase your brand’s conversions contact us at Liquid Creativity, your local branding specialist team.


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