Why Brand Consistency is the Key to Success


Why brand consistency is the key to success

When you’re watching an ad on the telly and you hear the song ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ you instantly know it’s about Industry super funds or when you see a talking meerkat you know it’s ‘Compare the Market’ instantly. These brands have achieved this through one of the most valuable keys businesses have in being a successful brand– consistency.

Brand Consistency is vital to building and establishing a brand in your industry, but like with many things in business it requires planning, ongoing work and monitoring to ensure your brand stays on message on all platforms. Here are a few considerations to ensure your business has great brand consistency.

1. Consistency does not mean boring

Don’t think that being consistent means that you roll out the same strategies and approaches to marketing and promotions. Being consistent means using your brand values and personality to be the guide and foundation for everything you do.

This means you should be free to experiment with approaches and styles as long as it is consistent with your brand values and sensibilities.

2. It helps people get to know your brand

If you are consistent in your brand marketing approach, your audience will find it easier to get to know you faster. It also helps your staff members know your brand purpose and key messages from the moment they work for you. This gives them confidence and a foundation of how to talk about your brand to customers.

For example, if you were thinking of buying fun stationery for a primary-aged child, ‘Smiggle’ might be one of the first brands that pop into your head. They’ve built a consistently colourful and friendly brand that is easily remembered and recognised. From their characters and types of colours, you know the kind of products you’ll get from the moment you walk into one of their shops.

Smiggle branding consistency

3. A consistent brand will become established much quicker

Before long you’ll see that a consistent brand becomes a recognisable brand and your customers will know immediately what your brand is like and approach your business accordingly.

Think of how consumers talk to telecommunications companies. The consumer’s past experiences of getting mixed, inconsistent results with issues have created a negative view of most telecommunications companies.

This is what happens when brands aren’t consistent from the moment they start, the customer feels completely lost and unsure about your business and you lose the chance to build a relationship with them, making your brand’s task of being known and trusted more difficult.

4. Consistency builds trust

When there’s a clear and consistent brand strategy and approach, your customers feel at ease, as they know what to expect from their interactions with you.

Aesop has successfully created brand consistency through their product packaging and marketing. Their staff interactions with customers and brand are about creating a sense of order, calmness and support. Instantly customers know what to expect and why their products and service are unique.

aesop branding consistency strategy

When your customers trust your brand, they are choosing to connect with your business on a deeper and emotional level. These strong brand connections are important as it creates long-lasting relationships and a loyal customer base.

5. Brand consistency guides you to your future

If you have a strong and consistent brand, it helps you make strategic marketing and branding decisions in the future. You know what makes your brand work and loved by your customers so as technology and your industry changes, you will know how to evolve and progress your brand in a way that feels natural and not jarring to your audience.

6. Review your brand and approach regularly

Brands are not set in stone, reviewing your approach and marketing strategy every year ensures that your brand has been consistently been in tune with your intended messaging and values. It also allows you to plan on how to progress your brand and evolve so that you don’t become stale and remain relevant.

In fact, before you start looking at brand consistency, we think starting with a review of your current brand strategy is a good starting point.

If you need a hand with brand consistency, a brand agency like Liquid Creativity offer workshops which comprehensively looks at the state of your brand and works on how we can make it exciting, consistent and relevant to the needs of your audience. So get in touch and let’s make your business even more successful.


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