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COPYWRITING   |   POSTED ON 02.03.2016

Content for a Boring Industry

If you operate a brand or business in a traditionally ‘boring’ industry and need to create content it can be a fairly daunting task. Before you get started though you need to change your mindset – there’s no such thing as a boring industry, just boring content.

Even industries such as accounting, financial planning, insurance, dental and law can use interesting and engaging content to leverage social media, blogs, ebooks, email marketing, articles and website content to increase engagement, drive traffic and generate conversions.

If you approach creating content with a clear understanding of the type of content your ideal client will find interesting then you can move from boring to intriguing.

Here’s a few more tips from the Liquid team:

Identify that you are really in a unique position

If you’re in a ‘boring’ industry then chances are that not many people are creating innovative content so you have an opportunity to really stand out and cement your expertise in the industry.

Product infographics

Content doesn’t have to just be articles, ebooks, whitepapers, newsletters and blog posts – think a little differently and present your relevant information in a more visual way.

Answer questions

Look at comments on other content you and your competitor’s have created and determine the questions your audience actually wants answered and answer them. You will already have people interested in what you are creating.

Encourage user-generated content

There’s nothing that says you need to create every single piece of content in-house. Involve your audience in the process and get them to contribute content themselves.

Other tips and tricks include always remaining relevant, telling brand stories, know your customers so you can speak their language, giving away practical guides – provide value with your content to appease both your target audience and search engines.

If you need help to create content for your business that can take a boring industry to an interesting one – just contact the brand agency Liquid Creativity, your local branding specialist, today.


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