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Create Email Subject Lines that Get Noticed

Crafting an engaging, interesting and information email is just half the battle. Your first issue is to get the email noticed and opened. You stand a much better chance of having your EDM opened if your subject line works. In order to create a great subject line we have compiled out top tips to help.

Before we get into the specific tips let’s consider some advice that, despite being over 90 years old, is more relevant today in the noise of online, digital marketing than ever before.

‘People will not be bored in print. They may listen politely at a dinner table to boasts and personalities, life history, etc. But in print they choose their own companions, their own subjects. They want to be amused or benefited. They want economy, beauty, labor savings, good things to eat and wear’ – Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising (1923)

With that in mind, let’s talk about creating email subject lines that get noticed:


Email direct marketing of today can be customised to relevancy, generated based on Internet browsing history. If you know what your audience are interested in, your subject lines can be targeted specific to their current interests and needs. Consider viewers that have been searching for the terms local branding specialist:

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Many email readers don’t read who the email is from so by including your business’ name in the subject line you have made it easy for them to tell exactly who is contacting them. From there include your offer in the subject line too.

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Again, people will get bored so don’t use the same style of subject line over and over. Consider using different angles such as personalised, seasonal and product specific.
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Great email marketing campaigns and by extension, subject lines, are those that both remember and forget. If someone was looking for a specific product six months ago chances are they have already found it, however, if your product or service is something ongoing then you have an opportunity to use subject lines to remember them. This works best when you have a clear understanding of the buying habits of your customers and your target audience.


You’re busy – so are your customers. You can utilise this by offering subject lines that provide solutions to their problems. Father’s Day is coming up – remind them and provide an offer that will help them to get it sorted.

Overall email subject lines that get noticed and lead to a higher open rate are those which are short and sweet, include who they are from and describe exactly what the email will offer or provide once opened.

If you need help to create great subject lines or direct email marketing campaigns, contact your local branding specialist Liquid Creativity.


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