eCommerce and mCommerce trends into 2016

ECOMMERCE  |   POSTED ON 12.01.2016

eCommerce and mCommerce trends into 2016

Today is the day of tablets and smartphones, of eCommerce, shopping cart software and mCommerce. If your brand is to compete in the online selling arena then you must stay abreast of the trends affecting eCommerce and mCommerce businesses.

Things are changing at a rapid rate so Liquid offers some of the online selling trends in 2016:

The price war

For products that can be easily compared with others, without the need for any physical inspection, and are easy to ship and distribute, the lowest prices will decide the winners. You need to consider different ways to compete, rather than just price.

Global consumers

Significantly larger numbers of consumers will start buying from foreign country websites, creating a problem for local businesses. On the other hand, these local businesses also have the opportunity to sell overseas too.

mCommerce and eCommerce sellers who can expand their reach beyond the local area can emerge as big winners.

Mobile popularity

With ever increasing numbers of consumers accessing the Internet via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for various reasons including shopping, eCommerce sites will need to go mobile-friendly. End of story!

Online stores that are not capable of operating well on mobile devices will lose visitors, customers and revenue, while the ones that work well with mobiles will thrive and prosper. Mobile sales are set to grow by up to 25% – if you’re selling online but not mobile friendly, you will lose.

Video-based marketing

As more and more online stores realise that video marketing – the nearest contender to the in-store experience for prospective buyers – leads to much higher conversions, more and more online stores will create and integrate videos on their sites.

Niche marketing

Increasing numbers of eCommerce businesses realise that more sales can be achieved by placing niche content and product pages on their site.

Content and eCommerce coding/designing

More textual and original content that persuades a visitor to become a buyer, tends to bring more organic traffic via the search engines, leading to more sales for eCommerce sites.

Increasing awareness of this marketing advantage will lead to e-stores incorporating more specialised copy on their site and product pages. Those who do will prosper and those who don’t will fall behind.

Social media

Social media platforms that allow users to communicate, engage and share information using more methods and channels of communication will gain more popularity.

eCommerce sites having strong presence on social media networks will thrive while the other ones will fall behind in terms of business.


Storytelling has always been a great way of selling but as more eCommerce businesses discover this more of them will incorporate stories around their products, by way of written text or videos on their online stores.

Those eCommerce sites that recognise and seize this opportunity will realise higher sales than those who don’t embrace storytelling.

Personalised marketing

An increasing number of eCommerce and mCommerce businesses will start tapping into big data to deliver a highly personalised shopping experience to visitors.

Corporations get in on the act

In keeping with the trend above, bigger corporations will throw off their formality to mix and socialise with online visitors and customers. Time will tell how successful they will be at this usually small business territory but smaller eCommerce vendors should prepare for this invasion.

If you are an eCommerce business or even a brand that offers the option of online selling then you need to consider these trends as soon as possible.

Learn more about ensuring your brand can leverage the 2016 eCommerce and mCommerce trends by contacting the brand agency Liquid Creativity team, your local branding specialist.


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