How to find and keep customers

MARKETING   |   POSTED ON 23.03.2016

How to Find and Keep Customers

Whether you’re a start-up or have been in business for a while, learning the secrets to how to find and keep customers is paramount if you want to stay in business for any serious length of time.

Keep it simple stupid (KISS)

When building your website ensure that each page has a single, clear purpose and focused message. Add a definite call to action and make sure that your website works seamlessly across all devices. Keep contact forms simple and straightforward – ask for only the basic information and then use customer engagement to build the relationship further.

Process & Culture

Consistently analysing your engagement on how your customers use your website, social media and shopping cart, as well as encouraging customer feedback and reviews will ensure customers feel comfortable in doing business with you.

Make it personal

Despite being well and truly in the digital age, customers still crave the personal touch, the connection, the sense of being more than just a number or credit card details. Have you achieve this personal connection will be determined by the size and nature of your business but think along the lines of a personal thank-you with an order or when a large project is completed, queries and/or complaints dealt with in person (by phone or email) rather than from a generic person or email account. Encouraging and responding to user generated content can also serve to strengthen personal connections.

Choose social wisely

Test out the social media channel you feel are best suited to your target audience. Once you determine the one that works best for your brand, focus your resources there.

The right influencer

The right influencer for your business isn’t necessarily a celebrity, model or even a blogger with a million followers. The right influencer is one that has the right trust and connection with their audience. They must fit with your brand, be inspirational, be trusted, and, most importantly, have genuine engagement in the market that you market to. Understand what you are selling and who your customers trust to recommend that to them.

Finding and keeping the right customers can be tricky but it’s imperative to the success of your business and so, must be taken seriously. To learn more about how to market to keep your customers contact the brand agency Liquid Creativity team, your local branding specialist, today.


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