How we do it, discover define develop

How we do it

How do you go about creating a new brand or refreshing an existing one? It’s an intricate task, more demanding than many people expect.
At Liquid we use our proven 3 stage brand design process which allows clients to start or stop anywhere along the way depending on their circumstances.


Stage 1: Discover

Before we start designing your new brand, we undertake a 360 degree review of your market, industry, brand and consumers to ensure we have a complete picture of your business environment.


What does your market want and what do they think about your brand?
To find out, Liquid undertakes methodical, qualitative research to ensure you have the best understanding of your marketplace and where your brand sits. Research techniques we use include focus groups, client and distributor interviews, brand mapping your marketplace and competitor audits.


A Liquid Brand Workshop will give you a clear insight into your Brand DNA.
We’ll sift through your thoughts and help you identify what’s really important to your brand. This collaborative exercise will forge a consensus in your leadership team on business direction, how to maximise your brand and empower your strategy.


Stage 2: Define

Defining your brand is important and demanding work requiring fine judgements about values and purpose, brand personality and marketing strategy. It takes skill and experience, but it’s well worth the effort because ultimately your brand is the key to business success in a hyper-competitive world.


Our Brand Audit takes a comprehensive look at where your brand sits now. Liquid’s process includes audits of your promotional strategies and visual identity and a mapping of your brand’s position. Our focus is how your consumers relate to your brand emotionally and your point of difference in the market.

Brand template

The Liquid Brand Template creates a road map of where your brand should be to empower your business strategy. Our Template includes brand values, your mission, functional and emotional benefits of your brand and points of advantage in the market. This template will guide our visual design and identity proposal for your brand.

Brand strategy

Most owners have strong feelings about where their business should be but are unsure of how to leverage their brand to get there. A Liquid Brand Strategy maps out a clear brand direction which will empower your business so that you achieve success.


Liquid can help you take a thorough, strategic look at your business and give you recommendations to help you succeed in your market. These include:

  • making the most of your customer base
  • winning product, promotion and distribution strategies
  • finding opportunities to improve communications and brand appeal
  • strategies to counter new entrants or price discounting

Stage 3: Develop

Liquid can help bring your brand strategy and marketing communications to life. Our team has 25 years’ of expertise in developing the right marketing look and feel for small businesses, corporations, government agencies and not for profit organisations.

Visual Identity

Brands function on different levels, but the most important is the visual.
Liquid can develop a new visual identity for your brand which positions your business and appeals to customers. More than just a logo and colour scheme, our expert team will provide you with a choice of concepts designed to work across online, print and other visual media. A Liquid Visual identity will help your brand stand out and make an emotional connection with your customers.


Liquid offers every conceivable way for a business to launch their brand into the market place. With our team of expert brand technicians, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, market strategists and campaign managers, Liquid can offer your business a number of services including:

  • Web
  • Mobile / Apps
  • Advertising
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Business Naming
  • Print
  • Communications
  • Marketing