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REBRAND   |   POSTED ON 25.08.2013

Market Research Powers an Effective Rebrand

Founded in 1968, Dick Smith is one of Australia’s biggest technology retailers, famous for their wide range of electronic gadgets featuring mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc. When Dick Smith was formerly owned by Woolworths Limited, they revitalised the brand in 2008, as sales were slipping and the brand image and stores were poorly designed, outdated and under performing.

The previous brandmark featured Richard Smith, the founder who is no longer connected to the business. So they needed a complete makeover, new brand identity, new store designs and a range of new products with the company’s packaging and advertising. Richard’s head was replaced with a distinctive “d”-shaped icon, stylised like a dialogue box. They kept the black and yellow colour palette, but giving the black a more prominent status as they were battling in a sea of mainly yellow brands (JB Hi-Fi-, Ted’s Camera’s etc).

As the staff are referred to as “geeks” by the customers, Dick Smith used this to their advantage and repositioned the company as specialists that can be trusted, creating a new tagline “Talk to the Techxperts”.

The new concept was then applied to the stores, which customers previously found poor, disorganised, untidy and confusing. They felt the store’s objective was to quickly get them in and out. Now, customers actually enjoy spending their time and money at the new stores, as the environment is much simpler, enticing and easy to navigate. They find the stores “more contemporary, savvy and cool”.

As a result of Dick Smith’s rebranding sales have also improved, with 33 new stores growing 11.7% ahead of their former results and pre-tax profit increasing by 28.5%. Store managers even suggest that the rebranding has also improved staff morale and created a positive impact on recruitment and perception of the brand.



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