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MARKETING   |   POSTED ON 14.08.2015

Marketing to the Millennials

Marketing to the Millennials is changing the landscape forever – this generation is tech savvy and the most socially, racially and ethnically diverse ever. They have a zero tolerance for online advertising and a strong social conscience.

While Millennials require a definite marketing strategy in order to reach them, it is still possible to do so. And it’s imperative that brands put in the effort; this generation holds purchasing power value at $2 trillion per year across the globe.

So how do you market to Millennials or Gen Ys?

Be mobile

If you’re not mobile-friendly then you just don’t exist to the bulk of this generation. They are known for their attachment to their mobile devices; 58% have the expectation of being able to engage with a business or brand via any channel, whenever and wherever they want.

Be Social

If Millennials make up even part of your target audience then engaging on social media is imperative to your brand’s very survival. Social media offers an opportunity to connect, grow and brand and build a team of brand ambassadors that will extend the reach of the marketing, for free.

Be relevant

Being relevant will ensure that your marketing efforts have the chase to stand out and cut through all the noise that Millennials are subjected to on a daily basis. Data on those engaging with your brand is easily available and provides the opportunity to make timely marketing decisions. Marketing to Millennials cannot be a set and forget campaign, it will need to be tweaked and adjusted on a regular basis to ensure your brand remains relevant.

Be up-to-date

Traditional forms of advertising and promotional emails just don’t work with the Millennials. They demand content be delivered on a range of devices and across a wide range of channels. Stay up to date and base your marketing around customer experience and you will reach this on the move generation.

Be transparent

This generation are inherently mistrusting of marketers and advertisers collecting their personal information so if this is something you want to do then it’s essential than you be transparent about the process and the reasons for it. Build and maintain the trust between your audience and your brands. Millennials don’t offer brand loyalty like previous generations – they reward those with the best customer service and being transparent is a fundamental way to build loyalty and trust.

Be flexible

The Millennials are the generation that are turning traditional expectations on their head. They hold very different views on issues such as mortgages and marriages than those that have come before. Effective marketing campaigns need to tap into these unique and generational-specific views on life. Focus on social groups over age groups in order to demonstrate your understanding of your audience and build your brand’s relevance to them. Rather than marketing to an age or a gender, target ‘groups’ defined by an attachment to a particular social identity, support of a specific social cause, or even those living a particular lifestyle.

If you have defined the Millennials as your target audience, or even part of your target audience, then Liquid Creativity can help you to devise marketing that will appeal. Contact your branding agency Liquid Creativity team today.


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