Turning app downloaders into active users

Turning App Downloaders into Active Users

There are currently 1.63 billion active smartphones in the world and 1.4 million Google Play apps and 1.21 million Apple App Store apps which means a lot of competition for your mobile app, but getting users to download is just the first step. The aim should always be to turn downloaders or first time users into ongoing, active users.


Gone are the days of beautiful and intuitive designs to provide great UX; today’s user expects a lot more – great content, formatting, marketing messages, CTAs and customer service. Happy users are those for which an app solves a problem that they have in the best possible way. One way to ensure your app is meeting this need is through ‘user onboarding’.

User onboarding is essentially a set of activities that help to turn first time visitors into active users. Now this is an ongoing process, not a set and forget feature. You must deliver value from the outset and show worth as soon as possible.

Provide an interactive walkthrough or tutorial

Users are seeking a solution to a problem so the worst thing you can do is to make the situation more complex. Add value to your app by showing how to use it.

Simplify or eliminate the signup process

Often the signup process makes everything more difficult and time consuming so evaluate if a sign up process is necessary. If it is, make it fast and as simple as possible.

Consider the timing of app permissions

Show value first and then ask for something in return. Users are often dubious of apps that ask for too much too soon.

Drip feed emails and push notifications

Interact with users through drip emails and push notifications to keep your app front of mind and to demonstrate value on an ongoing basis. Use these communications to highlight additional features and to engage.

Human support and customer service

Regardless of your app, your industry or whether you sell B2C or B2B, people engage and connect with other people so it’s important that you demonstrate your human side and reassure users that a person is ready to help with support and customer service should they have a concern or a question.

User onboarding techniques will assist you in turning downloaders into active users, and with more active users comes the opportunity to reach more people through reviews and referrals. To learn more about user onboarding, marketing messages, content and how to create an app that will help to solve your customers’ needs just contact your local branding specialist Liquid Creativity.


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