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Ask Questions to Increase your Conversion Rate

Regardless of what your business does, conversions can make or break your business. With this in mind, it is essential to get conversions right and to get more and more people to follow suit. If you’re looking for people to part with their time or money, you need to give a compelling reason. It is this compelling benefit that takes the prospect to the lead, the ‘maybe’ to the ‘yes’ and the ‘later’ to the ‘now’.

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Every business will have a different goal for their conversion. However, every conversion will have the ultimate objective of profitable revenue. So, if the business is not reaching its conversion goal, sadly, your campaign may be ineffective.

How to have an effective campaign

If you believe your campaign is not performing as well as you like, then, it is essential to address some of the concerns and work out what is going wrong, before you put it right.

There are three primary questions to ask yourself if your campaign is ineffective;

1. Where is the inaction?

A conversion needs to be full of action, from you and the customer. By working out what the client is not doing, i.e. not purchasing, you need to work back on what you are not doing either. There may be something obvious that is preventing action. This could be not having a simple checkout, or perhaps you are not following up with clients in a timely fashion.

2. What and where are the details?

Prospective customers need to have all the information they need first to evaluate your service and then move on to become a purchaser of the product/service. An ineffective campaign may purely be down to the fact that you are not answering every question that your prospects have.

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3. Where is the final push to close the deal?

Sometimes an ineffective campaign just needs the final benefit to sweeten the deal and give prospects the final push to transition from admirers to purchasers. It is easy to fall at the final hurdle, so by tightening up this last step in the sales funnel could make all the difference to your conversions.

Questions to ask for an effective campaign

If you want to increase your conversions, you need a fool-proof, comprehensive and effective campaign. The best way to do this is to examine every aspect of your campaign and work out exactly where improvements can be made which allow your prospects to make the shift to customers and even brand advocates.

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When asking yourself these key questions; keep in mind the goal of getting prospects to see value in purchasing with you. This is not to attract prospects; this is to convert.

1. Who is my audience? Customer profiling is a hugely beneficial activity, so you really get to know who they are and the frustrations they have.

2. What is working? You need to test all of the aspects of your campaign regularly so you can be sure you know what doesn’t need fixing and what needs tweaking.

3. Am I relying on assumptions? So many businesses know their business so well that they can’t be objective about the service. Market research and using third-party expertise can really help to make the changes your campaign needs.

4. Is the business THE solution? If you’re in a competitive market, you need to make sure your expertise shines through, and you are the no-brainer choice for your clients.

5. Do I speak to the customers? So many campaigns fall foul of selling just the features rather than the benefits that the customers want to know.


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