branding tips

Is my brand okay?

Some businesses find branding intimidating, we take a look at a recent case study and guide you through how to determine if your brand needs help.

Your business needs a brand visual language

Businesses can no longer rely on a simple style guide to maximise their brand's power, a brand visual language ensures all you are sending the right messages across all your visuals.
good design branding is good business

Why good design is crucial for your business bottom line

Staying ahead of competitors, disrupted industries and a crowded marketplace has made good design crucial to adding value and improving your business.
branding design for business

Branding: Why is good branding great for your business?

Is your brand communicating your business effectively to the right audience? Understand why it's crucial to get your branding right it today's market.

Eyescream made from creative solutions

Barcelona's Eyescream and friends came up with some creative solutions to simplify the traditional Taiwanese ice cream and improve the consumer experience.

Google and KitKat brand strategy

Google and KitKat developed the Android KitKat 4.4 brand strategy together, which included more than 50 million KitKat bars being specially branded.

Flying high on customer satisfaction

Air New Zealand, the preferred airline of Middle-earth, developed a new brand identity to enhance their brand alignment, competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

A friendly look was the new key ingredient for Carman’s

They under went a redesign keeping elements of the initial packaging, such as the bold black colour backgrounds...

A hairdressing business that grows from brand values

I rang my hairdresser the other day to book an appointment, however she didn’t have an available time after work for...

How Adidas aims for success through branding

As Adidas tells us through their brand marketing around renowned athletes and ordinary people that rise above their challenges every day, 'impossible is nothing'.

A memorable cafe brand to feature in design books

With new cafes always opening up, how does one cafe stand out from another? How can you make it memorable?