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Branding Just Got Personal

Today’s consumers are much more savvy than those that have come before. They know what they want, they know where to find the information they seek, and they refuse to settle for anything else.

And what do they want? Well it’s personal. They want personalised customer service, personalised products, personalised services and branding that seem to speak just to them – have, when and where they choose to listen. Consumers are searching for products and services that are more relevant to them, more personal and more creative. You just have to look at the rise of boutique and bespoke brands to see the popularity in all its glory.

While this might seem like a daunting issue for businesses, it does open up a whole new area to be explored. This trend is finding its feet across numerous markets and is transforming industries.

Take the Ogilvy Australia campaign for Coca-Cola for example. The Share a Coke campaign of providing a bottle or can with a person’s name on it was so successful in the local market that it was rolled out worldwide.

The success was based on the concept that you could either find a product with your name on it or have a product personalised with your name on it (for those with an unusual name or unusual spelling) – everyone felt special and rewarded Coca-Cola for recognising it with increased sales.

5 of the top emerging trends to create a personalised customer experience

1. Online Video: Branded content on demand

Online video is set to account for around 12% of all digital adspend in 2015, emerging as a mainstream alternative to traditional avenues such as television. Brands that succeed will be those that create online video content tailored for specific audiences and market segments.

2. Proximity Marketing: Beacons Technology

Around for a while, proximity marketing is ready to move to a new level with the introduction of beacon technology – a process of sending real-time information to smartphones using Bluetooth signals. Brands will use this technology more often to provide relevant offers and services and to create localised experiences for their customers.

3. Retails Scents: The scent of success

Brands are tapping into advances in the use of fragrances and smells in order to enhance or change experiences and moods.

4. Swipe Right to Shop: The Tinder of Retail

The interface that allows you to ‘swipe right’ made famous by Tinder will soon cross genres and be adopted by online sectors such as retail. Buying online will be personalised allowing customers to create a look, a style and a shopping cart that is unique to them. Want to buy – just swipe right.

5. Geotechnology: Engage with their surrounds

Customers are increasingly looking to engage with their current surroundings and environment and geotechnology is allowing that to be possible. Brands will endeavour to optimise new opportunities using personalised location-based communications and craft immersive location-based experiences.

Brands that are increasingly focused on their ‘purpose’ are set to benefit from a range of emerging technologies that will enable them to create more authentic and valuable experiences for consumers. Creating personalised experiences across the consumer journey will become critical for brands seeking sustainable return on investment. – Linda Tan, Strategic Insights Director

Your branding strategy needs to consider how to personalise the customer experience as it becomes more and more important to purchase decision making. There are many ways to ensure your clients feel special, unique and valued so now you just need to determine the right strategy for your brand and your market. No longer is a ‘one as fits all’ strategy good enough.

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