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Leveraging Emotive Branding – Part 1

We all know by now that tapping into emotions is a great way to connect with audiences but the power of emotive branding cannot be underestimated. Major brands have built entire empires on this concept, not the products they sell. The product is secondary to the relationships they build.

Harnessing that emotional dimension of branding cultivates loyal advocates and lifelong customers.

Essentially, emotive branding is the practice of building brands that appeal directly to a customer’s emotional state, aspirations and needs with a view to leverage those features of their customer psyche to convert them into engaged customers and long term ambassadors.

The basic emotional triggers that can be leveraged:

  • The excitement of discovery
  • The process of revaluing
  • The ‘I’m better than you’
  • The desire for control
  • Family values
  • The desire to belong
  • Fun as its own record
  • Reinvention of oneself
  • The poverty of time
  • The sense of self-achievement
  • The desire to have the best
  •  The nurturing response
  • The desire to be smarter
  • Wish-fulfilment
  • Power, domination and influence
  • And the ever popular – sex, love and romance

Once you have identified the emotion that will garner the best response from your ideal customer you can craft your branding, messaging and communications to appeal directly to them and engage.

Ways to achieve this:

  • Create emotional bonds between your product and customers
  • Build inspiring relationships
  • Exemplify your brand values through your fan base
  • Create beautiful designs
  • Provide a different perspective
  • Give something back to your customers
  • Immerse your customers both visually and mentally
  • Combine engaging quotes with complementary images
  • Use colours and character to trigger their emotions

When you craft your marketing messages skilfully they will trigger the emotions in your target audience in such a way that it seamlessly aligns them with your brand. The alignment leads on to conversions and advocacy. Learn more about how to leverage emotive branding in Part 2 or contact brand agency Liquid Creativity team, your local branding specialist.


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