5 Tips for businesses considering a rebrand

A successful is much more than a slick logo, website or a social media strategy. In fact, you can invest millions into a brand and still miss the mark completely—if you don’t start with the fundamental goal of creating a brand that speaks to your customer. Here are 5 tips to help you on your way:

1. Be real to connect with your customers

Go back to the start and remember who you are and what you’re passionate about. What drives your business? What is your business mission, values and purpose beyond making a profit? The best way to be seen as authentic is to be authentic.

2. Build relationships

Move away from the ‘hard sell’ and think more about the ‘unique selling proposition’ around your brand. People don’t just buy products – they buy aspiration and experience. Customers don’t engage with a business, they choose to be in a relationship with your brand. In rebranding your business, talk about your unique qualities and how you add value to your customers’ lives, and make them feel special.

3. Craft a story

Deliver an authentic and consistent story that provides true connection and inspiration for customers. Often businesses struggle to understand their own story and/or how it can be communicated to potential customers, but compelling words and emotive imagery together, can in fact, create an engaging, exciting, interesting story of your business, services and products. 

4. Create a human quality

Online marketing and social media platforms allow customers in today’s market to quickly and easily see the ‘real’ you. If customers come across your brand and they don’t like what they see, if they don’t feel respected or valued by your business, or think that you aren’t being authentic, you lose their trust and their business forever.

5. Be consistent

Giving mixed messages can easily lead to mistrust and suspicion. Act the same way online as you do in person and be consistent across digital platforms. While it is important to always customise your approach to each platform, your core message, style and identity should remain the same.

The best business rebrands aren’t just about superficial tweaks. The process should comprehensively look at all aspects of your business in order to further improve the customer’s connection and experience with you. Create a strong narrative, communicate in a human and authentic way and stay true to who you are and the values of your business. This will create a great rebrand and a strong business for the future.

If you want some help with rebranding your business, get in touch with the Liquid Creativity brand agency team and let’s make your brand even better.


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