Branding Workshop

Most leaders have plenty of ideas about what their brand should be. What they need is an expert to help them sift through their thoughts and identify what’s really important.
At a Liquid Branding Workshop we’ll help you redesign your brand and show you how to empower your business strategy.
Over 25 years, we’ve helped businesses, entrepreneurs, government departments, even a 100 year old family firm build, energise and refresh their brands.

Stage 1:

Imagine your future

At your Liquid Branding Workshop, we’ll start by visualising where you want your business to be and what role your brand will play, so we can map out a pathway for you to get there.

Imagine your future

Stage 2:

Who’s choosing you. Why?

We’ll take a detailed look at your target audience – who they are, what’s important to them, what appeals – and what doesn’t.
This knowledge will help us understand your customers and what’s motivating them to choose you.

Who’s choosing you. Why?

Stage 3:

Who’s competing with you?

We’ll look at the brands competing with your business and compare your brand with theirs.
We’ll map where your brand stands in a crowded market place, what’s working for you and what works for your competitors!

Who’s competing with you?

Stage 4:

What are you known for?

Successful brands don’t offer everything: they’re known for the one thing that’s truly important to their customers.
A Liquid branding workshop will help you define what your brand stands for and ensure your marketing is memorable, unique and appealing to your target audience.

What are you known for?

Stage 5:

Looking for love?

How appealing is your brand’s personality – how do people see it and relate to your brand emotionally?
Like people, your brand’s personality determines whether it attracts new admirers or leaves them cold.
Designing a make over of your brand’s personality will help you attract new customers and build market share.

Looking for love?

Getting Started

Understanding your brand is one of the most valuable insights a business leader can have. We recommend businesses take on brand strategy consulting to review and refresh their brands every 3-5 years, ensuring marketing and communications are relevant and engaging. Refreshing your brand with brand consulting is a vital step to continued business success.


After a Liquid Branding Workshop you’ll have:

1. A clear insight into your business direction
2. Leadership team consensus on your Brand Strategy
3. Clarity about your audience, what they want and why they’re choosing you
4. A strategy which empowers and motivates for your entire team
5. A guide for all your marketing and communications efforts.

  Location and duration

We can conduct a Liquid Branding Workshop at your premises or at our brand studio in North Melbourne.
Duration is half a business day – around 4 hours.

  Who should attend?

Branding is a vital factor in business success. You should bring all the key decision makers in your business.

  What you need to bring

At a Liquid Branding Workshop, we’ll start with a blank sheet of paper and end up with an informative guide to your brand strategy.
If you have examples of your current marketing, company stationery and proposals bring those with you. If you have market research and an up to date business plan, bring that along too. Most importantly bring the thoughts you have swirling around in your head – and an open mind!

  Let’s get moving

Making a new start on your brand with Liquid is the simplest part. Just pick up the phone and have a conversation with us. Before you know it, we’ll help you tear down the road blocks and chart a new direction for your business.