What we do, we craft ideas

What we do

How do you craft a great idea?
We start by listening to everything you know about your business. Next we take a detailed look at your audience. When we fully understand your situation, we’ll help you build an iconic brand and find the right direction for your business.
At Liquid, we are experts in building great brands which are well designed and tell a powerful story. We think strategically and solve creatively.


Think strategically

Liquid asks the right questions so that we can plot a path for your brand’s success. We bring in different members of our team to look at your position from a number of angles and find what’s really important. We’ll talk to people inside your organisation and in your marketplace to gain insight into how your brand connects with your audience.

Thinking strategically is the foundation of all effective marketing and the platform for creating a truly powerful brand.


Solve creatively

It takes a touch of magic to get attention today and that’s where Liquid can help. Building on your strategy we’ll take what’s important then inject some out-of-the-box thinking into your brand concepts. Working closely with you, our team will find creative ways to empower your brand, embolden your marketing and deliver real commercial outcomes.

Adding creative insights to a well thought out strategy: that’s how Liquid helps our clients build, refresh or empower their brand.


Design for relevancy

Forget all the hype and the hoopla – great brands are a result of strategic insight and well-thought out positioning. It takes a number of factors to achieve true market relevancy, but a brand’s design is crucial to its success.

Our team will show you how to add real visual impact to your brand and make it work across print, online and other media. Appealing, memorable and highly relevant – that’s what the Liquid touch can bring to your brand.