Top tips for keeping your brand relevant

Competition is ever-changing, as is technology and the way audiences connect. In order to keep your brand relevant...

Nivea shines with solar energy advertising

Nivea put out a solar energy advertising campaign in a Brazilian magazine and decked it out with solar panels and a USB charging port so that consumers could plug their phone into.

An innovative app to increase sales

With a mission to increase their morning breakfast sales, the South Korean branch of Dunkin' Donuts released an innovative app to solve their sales depression.

Happiness can double when you share

This is a clever initiative that goes to show how very efficient marketing strategies and amazing advertising concepts always come from simple ideas.

Footwear with great design and marketing concept

Korshun's success and recognition is a result of her approach for clever brand design, efficient processes and innovative products.
Virgin Australia's brand takes their brand up

Virgin Australia’s unified brand takes them high up

With 91 aircraft in it’s fleet in early 2010, Virgin Blue’s market shares were suffering and it’s future unsustainable.
Designer barcode for brand

Designer barcodes - an extension of your brand

How clever is Design Barcode, creating a niche in the design market. Best of all, they have created through the use of...