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7 Tips for Keeping your Brand Relevant

Competition is ever-changing, as is technology and the way audiences connect. In order to keep your brand relevant, you need to engage, connect and remain relevant to your clientele. Here Liquid Creativity provides our top tips for keeping your brand relevant:

Embrace Change

Change is now a constant principle in the modern day marketing mix and marketplace. If you fail to present new ideas, a refreshed face and to move with the times your brand will become stale, redundant, old news and your audience will simply move on to a brand that they feel is a better fit.

‘It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change’ – an adaption of a Charles Darwin quote.

Previous Optus branding


Current branding


Work with a branding specialist to balance consistency and clarity to innovation and novelty. Approach change as the beginning of an evolving process rather than a major change at a fixed point in time. Aim to continually surprise and engage – not just today, but for the months and years to come.

Branding Specialist tip – ‘Base your brand identity in a few core principles but be flexible in execution in order to remain relevant.’

Keep it Fresh

In Australia, audiences love innovation and display great loyalty, but at the same time they don’t like being taken for granted or excluded for those newer to connect with your brand. Disappoint by not appreciating them and providing fresh messages, content and imagery and they will fail to engage and more on.

Engage in Storytelling

Stay relevant by engaging in telling stories – provide meaning and shape to your branding messages – cut through the noise to tell a dynamic story about your brand. Storytelling keeps audiences engaged, connected and invest. You target market don’t need to recall the precise words of your story, just the message, the order and why they remember it.

Keep it Short

Cut the waffle! To remain relevant you need to be able to narrate your branding purpose, essence and attributes in a logical way that gives direction and shape to these different elements. Get rid of the tomes and tomes of guidelines, the generic values and the jargon – keep it real, keep it short.


Invest in your Brand

It takes an investment of time and money to understand what customers want and how the needs are changing.

No brand is strong enough to just ‘be’. The rules of branding are evolving and every brand needs to embrace this constant change in order to keep up and keep relevant in this dynamic era. Contact your brand agency Liquid Creativity team to learn more about Active Brand Management – it isn’t always easy but it is the best way to ensure your brand stays relevant.


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