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Brand Storytelling: Words and Design – a match made in Heaven

Despite the importance of a captivating design, it’s the stories that your content tells that makes people decide whether or not they know, like and trust you, that you understand their wants and needs, and decide they want to do business with you. Brand storytelling cannot be achieved through design alone. Words and design, working together, is a match made in Heaven.

Design is the initial bait but to build a real relationship you need more. We communicate through conversation making words essential. Words are what will tell your brand story, build your brand personality and ‘speak’ your message.

Consider this – you see images of a fantastic looking resort but will you book your holiday there based solely on an image? No – you are going to want to know more. You will seek information on rooms, resort features, local attractions, added extras, reviews from previous guests and more. It’s the image that got you interested but it’s the words that will tell the story, make the sale. Your clients are the same. Brands that articulate their story, not just show it, will be the winners.

Words are power

Words have the super-power to evoke emotion, change mindsets, help make decisions. The right words will create a connection that is difficult to deny – they can have people relating to your brand in a whole new way – they can change or reinforce your message and truly affect people.

Case Study

Mary Maddock Consulting’s website includes some stunning imagery but without the accompanying words would the full story of what they do and how they do it be understood? For any brand or rebrand the words are the beginning, the design the next step, and more words to cement the message and continue the brand storytelling.


Design and words to tell a story

Many clients struggle to understand their own story and/or how it can be communicated to potential clients, particularly if you are selling a traditionally staid service or product – think financial planning or pest control – but words can, in fact, create an emotive, exciting, interesting story of your business, services and products.

So even if you think your story isn’t that interesting – it can be – when your storytelling is created with both words and imagery.

Design and words work together as a complete and cohesive team to project a full picture of your brand story. Your website, business cards, packaging and marketing material can be stunning and beautiful, but if the words are not compelling, no one will engage.

An interesting design makes the words more powerful – creative copy makes the imagery resonate – neither can stand alone.

Liquid Creativity work to ensure that both the design and the words work as a team to take your brand storytelling to the next level. To learn more, contact your local brand agency Liquid Creativity today.


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