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5 Ways to Make your Website More Visually Appealing

You really can’t avoid it any longer, your brand must have a great website with visual appeal. Why?

The visual appeal of your website relates to the imagery, fonts, white space, shapes, colours, and overall visual balance of the design. The visual appeal of your website will affect how your audience perceives it, how they use it, if they remember it, and whether or not they engage with your brand.

Here are some things to consider in creating a brand website that has good visual appeal:

1. Your website should grab people’s attention

A brand website with visual appeal will attract attention. People like to look at attractive things and will choose an attractive design or image over a neutral or unsightly one.


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2. First impressions are important

You have but seconds to engage visitors to your website and start to build a relationship. When visitors can identify with and choose to engage with your website, you are one step closer to building that all important long term relationship.


3. Appeal to the audience’s emotions

Use imagery and other visual elements to convey the types of emotions that suit your brand, your products/services, your audience, and the action you’d like them to take. Chose wisely and you can stir emotions, awaken memories, and cause visitors to not only feel, but take action.



4. Build a relationship

Your brand’s personality is driven by its tone and voice and your content must be uniform across all brand communications. They should be able to look at your brand’s website, read the content, look at the imagery and know that it’s all part of your brand and their relationship with you.


5. Forgiveness of shortcomings

Visual appeal is a quality in itself and can be a great advantage that you use to gloss over less convenient aspects of your website. Ideally you want to design and build the perfect website but this can be difficult to achieve at once with so many different pieces contributing to the big picture.

With this in mind, if your visual design is top notch, visitors will be more forgiving for shortcomings in other areas of your site.


Visual appeal is an extremely important aspect of the design of your brand’s website – especially when it comes to building long-term relationships and brand affinity with your visitors.

That said, ensure that your website is easy to find, useable, mobile friendly and accessible for all users, as well as being aesthetically appealing. This combination of functionality and visual appeal will make sure that your website adds to the user experience of your brand.


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